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What the site is

Macjams.net herein called 'site', is a website designed to allow musicians, composers, artists, and creators to share their work and interact with other musicians, composers, artists and creators.

This site is not an underground, secretive sharing site where copyrighted works are shared illegally.

What can be posted

This site will not censor or prohibit the posting of any type of media but we reserve the right to remove, without notice, any media posting that we deem to cause issues.

In plain language: Post whatever you want to post. You are ultimately responsible for the post. If the post contains copyrighted material you may be liable for royalties and damages incurred for posting the material. You bear this responsibility solely and the site is relieved of any responsibility for items that you post.

If you post copyrighted material that you do not own and the site receives any notifications from the material owner regarding the posted material, the site will comply fully with any requests from the material owner to remove the post. Members that continue to post material that causes copyright issues will be blocked from the site.

Member Respect

This site has a zero tolerance policy for public disrespect among members.

In this age of computers, mobile devices, and the internet, it has become far to easy to hide behind the relative safety of your screen and sling insults to another person that you would never say face-to-face.

Public disrepect of other site members will not be tolerated and this site will work under a "three strikes" rule. If you continue to disrepect others in any way on the site you will be blocked and your content removed on the 3rd offense.

If you have issues with another member, take it offline and resolve your differences in private. The site strongly suggests a phone call and the wonders it does to actually hear the other voice to resolve your differences.

Offensive Content

This site has a zero tolerance policy for racial, gender, sexual or directly offensive and targeted posts. Such posts will be removed and a member that continues to post such material may be blocked from the site.

The determination on whether a post is offensive lays solely with the site and any site decision is final.


This site requires that you have a valid email address on file. The site will send you notifications and any member that does not have a valid email address will be blocked from using the site.

Privacy of your work

Simply put, if you are posting your work to a public site such as this site, then your work is visible to the world and there are many ways your work can be copied and used for free by unknown parties. There is nothing this site can do to protect any work you post on this site.

If your work is valuable and you expect to offer it for sale then it probably should not be posted on this site. If, like many artists and musicians, you are interested in collaborations, comments and critiques of your work then this is definitely the place to post your work.

For the old MacJams members

MacJams.com was a magical place. During the height of its popularity the myriad members and music were simply amazing. MacJams.net, this site, cannot and probably will not ever replace what MacJams.com was. Please don't be offended by this site's use of a similar name. It was intended to help us easily remember where to go from this point forward.

MacJams.com is no more. It is doubtful it will ever return. I hope this site, even though simple, can grow to become a new home for those of use that enjoyed MacJams.com. I am always open to ideas and improvements.