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The Return Of Misterio

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The Return Of Misterio

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Takeoff on Superhero Theme Songs

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A little simpler than what I usually do.à I wrote this in 1993 originally.à It was called Mysterio then, but since Marvel Comics already has a character by that name, I changed the spelling to avoid any possible claims.à I didn't set out to do this but I almost feel The Who or The Kinks could have done this one around 1966 or '67.à No?

Who's that man that walks this town

Doesn't like to be followed around

When trouble strikes and we need him around

Looks like Misterio's back in town


Mysterio is a distinguished man

Fighting evil whenever he can

On an ego trip that's all his own

And they thought they could call it a day

When they pulled off the bank job and got away

But I'm sure they didn't think it was a gas

When Misterio came to give 'em a kick in the ass

Repeat Chorus:

And those kids they were insane

Throwing fireworks from window panes

Misterio came and said can't you see

I've got you for arson and grand larceny

Repeat Chorus:

And now Misterio's going away

Won't be back til another day

When trouble strikes and we need him around

And then look who's back in town.

Repeat Chorus:

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