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Life Without You - Steve Caustrita

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Life Without You - Steve Caustrita

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Life Without You - Steve Caustrita

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From a letter never sent, this song began...

Life Without You was first written in 1980 then in 2010, a new version came forth. I posted the music as a call for a singer on the Anthony Frazier answered the call by saying "I can already hear the song in my head". We later went on to do five more collaborations. Since then technology has changed, an audio file can be enhanced to better than original quality. With Logix Pro X 5.5 this became possible, so today I'm uploading this restored version.

Music Steve Caustrita - Michael Bianchi

Vocals Anthony Frazier

Lyrics Anthony Frazier - Steve Caustrita

Inspired by Debbie Moore 


Steve Caustrita

Media versions

March 21, 2022 12:42 am
Version: 4

Notes: Extended version

July 28, 2020 2:11 am
Version: 3

Notes: Thanks Brent for adding your guitar, sounds Great!

July 18, 2020 7:14 am
Version: 2

Notes: Pic updated

July 18, 2020 6:59 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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