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A new rock song

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Been working on a couple of new songs

Here's one.


I've been callin' your number – I was so alone

I've been callin' all night long – You didn't pick up your phone

I want to hear you whisper – Sweet things in my ear

There's only one thing on my mind – Ooh I wish you were here

Hey girl, can't you see – I want you to be with me

Don't be a distant girl – Come on over and set me free

There's this longing in my heart – When we're so far apart

Hey girl, just listen now – I can't reach you, I don't know how

Refr: Baby I want you

 Baby I want you now

I want you to be here – You make my troubles disappear

There's this craving in my heart – When we're so far apart

Hey girl, please don't say no – I just want you to give it go

I just want to hold you close – When you're here time just slows


Brdg: What does it take to win your heart

 Girl, you make it so hard

 How can I make you mine

 Please give me sign

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July 22, 2020 9:29 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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