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Leave It Be by Mathew Lawton

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Leave It Be by Mathew Lawton

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Rough demo recorded with phone, and I did some accompanyment

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I have done a few collabs where I got a rough draft of a track, and I actually used the rough draft to start production. I did one of these yesterday. I saw a video posted by Mathew Levi Lawton . It was just him, sitting with his acoustic guitar, and singing his song, and recording it into his phone. I recognize a good singer (and writer), when I see one, so I began speaking to Mathew. We kind of hit it off. He said he is not sure what genre to call it. So I told him I could help him try to figure this out with some demos. I told him that I could use his video to do some. So he agreed, and we've been working on a project page here at F-Jam. So keep in mind this was done against his rough phone video. Listen to what it sounds like after I added some parts. Kinda cool to see it transform, just from a phone video.


(Leave it be cuz your never gonna calm that sea

you could make it to the moon and back

you gotta'

come home to me)

The miles we manage with our varied disadvantages the time it all will take

Pick a direction and you pay close attention to the difference it will make

plan out specifics don't avoid the logistics when the future is a stake

the wise'll tell us that the doubt is what'll fell us and some things will never change

baby gotta' ...


Those emotions that'll wrap us up and tote use on a trip we didn't plan

couldn't spare'um didn't wanna grin'n bare'um so you do the best you can

light as a feather while I'm tossed 'bout by the wheather as i try to make my stand

the complications lead to rise in aggravation take the bird that's in your hand

and baby just...



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