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Venturesome Takes A Stab at Synth Art-Rock or Synth Pop, ala Gary Numan.

Media Description:

I was actually partially inspired by the stuff Thomas Dolby did around the early mid 80's among other things.   It was written when the covid 19 really became big news for the first time.  The lyrics reflect finding new streams of communication and isolation.

In this naked city do you know where the children are

Cause the lanes are empty and they shut down all the bars

But I still remember you and you're breathing the air that's cleaner than it's been for years

Starting here when times seemed free we were all each others friend

Now the sidewalks are cold and empty

And it seems there is no end

Here in this underground lab away from others I build new things and screens to talk to

Friends with robot eyes

Souls are pure as the skies


But I still remember you

And all the humans are gone

I might have dreamed of their existence in this artificial world


Media versions

June 3, 2021 12:20 am
Version: 2

Notes: SCaustrita is helping remix and master this tune. Comments are welcome.

August 11, 2020 12:56 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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