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Keep On Craving

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Keep On Craving

Owner: Venturesome Genre: R&B/Funk Total Plays: 31
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Venturesome Gets Funky

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This song happened as one night I had a dream where I heard the Jacksons (adult Jackson 5) do the chorus of this song.  I remembered it later and wrote the rest of the tune then.  The lyrics don't mean too much but it's a fun tune.

As you drive around the city and see the busy life

Running around with cold hard cash, minds sharp as a knife

Some push you aside to get top price today

And then they'll only come back in a week - get out of the way

They all want the best the way to make it last

Is to go on and on and on chances coming fast 

gotta keep on

Craving, craving

Til the stars are lined right

Til the night is bright gotta keep on

Craving, craving

Til the stars are lined bright

Til the night is right gotta keep on craving

As you wander around the nightlife

And you see the crazy crowd

You wonder if its the right place cause it seems so loud

They crawl out of the bars in maybe groups of four

Maybe you think you should go in and check out the core

See all the women with their respective men

Looking for a chance going on and on looking for a chance gotta keep on


You know the bright city keeps you going strong

Going on and on and on gotta make it last gotta keep on


Media versions

August 15, 2021 7:30 am
Version: 2

Notes: Remixed and Remastered by SCaustrita

August 13, 2020 12:20 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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