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On The Boulevard - Steve Caustrita

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On The Boulevard - Steve Caustrita

Owner: scaustrita Genre: Rhythm and Blues Lowrider, Disco Total Plays: 101
Quick Summary:

The sounds of LA Latin music culture

Media Description:

Version 3:

Fred is right, the kick drum was too low in the mix!

It was metering right, but it was the sub bass that was too high. The bass drum is a separate track, so I brought down the 30hz - 100hz.

Then raise the 350hz - 500hz that's the sound of the bass drum pedal hitting the drum head.

Brought down the theshold to let it ring out. That gave it a cleaner, fuller sound that won't play out to hot (in the red).

Remember the era the song depicts, flashing light, mirrored balls, loud pumped up music, and driving your car on the way to the club.

From a song in wrote "Last Night in LA" explains it. "As the light were spinning, the boys were grinning. Cause the girls were sinning, last night in LA"

That's the club feel I added, from Fred's suggestion. Thanks Ol' Man! Ha, Ha!

I know your pants won't fit, but put on your dancing shoes and crank it up anyway!!!

Version 2:

I add a four part horn section to the song, as I would have arranged it back in the day.

I had to be careful not to let the new funky horns clash with Sam's Flowing vocals.

A more realistic Violin Ensemble was added (Logic Pro X Studio Strings).

Presence was added to Sam vocals so they would stand out more in the mix.

And that crazy sustained vocal harmony was brought up in the mix.

The new picture is of the actual score of the horn part (Logic Pro X Studio Horns - Little Brazil)

Now a total of 24 tracks...

The video to the track is being compiled, it will feature a lowrider cruise on Whittier Blvd, in East Los Angeles from Dec. 2019.

Original Descriptions:

This is as LA as I can get!

On The Boulevard came about during 1998 to remember my Lowrider, Disco years.

I was playing with a 10 piece Latin, Soul, Funk band. I was playing horns, and bass then (1975 - 1979). The band named SPAIN.

We had a big sound that blew away Southern California at that time. I never forgot that sound.

I was driving then, a 1969 (p)Impala Custom lowered, with Craiger chrome rims. That car has so many stories!

It was at first an instrumental and had no intention of adding vocals, until I first hear Sam Dixon's vocal arrangements on in 2007.

I sent him a few songs to pick from, and he chose On The Boulevard. When he sent me back his vocals I was shocked at his vocal arrangement.

Six tracks of raw flowing vocals, they were rough with noises, clicks, pops in the tracks, all mono recordings with levels all over the place (that was Sam over 12 years ago, he's now refined his sound and makes PRO productions).

The bass is the original track I recorded in 1998 using my Fender Mustang Bass, also the rhythm guitar is the original track (by Gary?)

Over the years I've added to the song, but is basically the same. In 2018 I started a reboot and added the muted guitar, and new voicing to the strings and latin percussion. Logix Pro X 5.1 improved Flex Pitch, which allows you to edit the wave form which I used to correct the leveling issues.

That 70's guy in the pic is me during that time period (1978) Bha, ha, ha, ha, ha! It was taken before a gig at the Hollywood Palladium on Sunset Boulevard, hence the title to the song.

An older version of the song was used in a video for a car show in La Puente Ca, (23 miles east of downtown LA) third song. To date 5,349 views since I uploaded Apr 16, 2017. Mark Staab is on that video too, with a very early version of "My 69 Impala" written about my Lowrider.

I always enjoy comments about my music, I was a car guy back in the day. Let me know about your ride that left memorable impressions in your life as a youth!


Media versions

September 7, 2020 9:41 pm
Version: 3

Notes: Fred suggested raising the bass drum in the mix. Pumped it to Disco Club feeling

September 6, 2020 8:34 am
Version: 2

Notes: Added 4 part horns, they needed to flow with Sams vocals without clashing.

August 24, 2020 8:59 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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