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Music for the masses

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Music for the masses

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A song about music

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Recorded september 20th

Hans Nooitgedagt Jr - drums

Hans Nooitgedagt Sr - lead guitar

Erwin B - bass, recording

KC - vocals, guitar & mix


Everytime I turn on my radio

All I hear is just this crap

I just wanna hear some good music

But it seems we're caught in a trap

I miss the DJ's like John Peel

Who love the music with heart and soul

I want music from the heart

Be it jazz or rock 'n roll

Refr1: Music for the masses, that is all we get

 Music for the masses, all it takes is a pretty head

Just hate this slick producer's stuff

I just want some smoking song

Drums , bass and cool guitars

And vocals , raw and strong

The industry's corcern is making profit

They don't give a fuck about the songs

I say power to the music

Bring her back where she belongs

Refr2: No more music for the masses, we heard it all before

 No more music for the masses, don't want to hear it anymore 

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September 28, 2020 12:33 pm
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Notes: Initial version

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