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The Chimneys

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The Chimneys

Owner: Scott Carmichael Genre: Progressive Rock Total Plays: 28
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A light bouncy little ditty about Nazi Germany...

Media Description:

.... Seriously, I don't know how to briefly summarize this piece... I've always been fascinated by the subject mater... this was one of the most educated and advanced countries at the time... it's theatre, drama, it is really an attempt to scratch the surface of a real horror that was less than a century ago... I use traditional Rock elements, classical guitar, string quartets, horn sections, voice acting... if we look closely at the events depicted, it almost reads like fiction... how could this happen???... I recognize several names here at the new mac jams... about a decade ago, Tobin Mueller and I toyed with the idea of doing a collaboration around a photo of Chimneys on the subject mater... I sent him this and he really didn't like it so it went on the shelf... a few months ago as I pulled everything off of my old computer to make sure that I have a current copy, I saw this and was still able to open it... I decided to complete it as I had envisioned it in the beginning... I guess I'd have to say it's progressive rock...

The whispers in this chimney still echo countless nightmares…

With ash from every terror it did stoke

Of mothers sons and daughters…Rising up in resignation… And in smoke

The chimneys loomed in silence as boxcars stack the Kindle... 

above the din of anguish and despair…

And no one seemed to notice as they released the prisoners in the air...

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October 19, 2020 8:20 pm
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Notes: Initial version

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