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Wishing Well

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Wishing Well

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The unexpected suicide of someone I knew last year inspired this song.

Media Description:

Maybe not the Happiest song for these times but something to think about.....It helped me process what I was thinking at the time. I tried to make the video as straightforward as possible...

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The autopsy took two weeks

The grieving about the same

I was not the only one

Calling out your name

Very little Is known

About this man, we knew so well

And his final hours


round the Wishing-well

I built a big fire in the backyard

To turn the darkness to light

Love lost and it can¢t be found

Iâm going back

To sacred ground

It rained for seven days but I was not in town

I was in the desert chasing the sun around.

The landscape that takes my fear away 

The sun will rise on another day

The sun will wind you up

The wind will hunt you down

I slept out on second Mesa

The ghosts were all in town

I'm trying to remember

When I was a kid

Did the sun set in my backyard

I think it did

Floods from somewhere are coming

Pass through us and be on their way

And somewhere else you will be thinking

Of higher ground and your deluge days

Picture the fate of a nation

Caught speeding like drunks on there way

Like a river that joins other waters

Destined for the ocean someday

Wipe the slate clean

And sharpen your knife

Tools of the trade

The American life

Every tear tells the story

That no words can say

In the blink of an eye

You can lose your way

The raising of glasses

To the giving up hope

Welcome my friend

To the slippery slope

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