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Wait Around For You

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Wait Around For You

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Kiss off to flakes and morons who tend to be part of our lives.

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I wrote this after hearing "No Time To Lose," by the Tarney Spencer Band (if anyone remembers that one).  I always thought it was a cool song and wondered if it would be even cooler with a string section, a longer guitar solo and things.  I decided to write something in a similar vein to try that out myself.  Lyricwise, I was perhaps frustrated with a lot of people who we tend to refer to as flakes or just plain morons or whatever.  I'm sure most of us have them in our lives at one point or another.  I would ask to whoever checks this out to also listen to "At The End Of The Day," afterwards, simply because these two songs are meant to follow each other back to back, so for the full impact......

Where did you go, we were counting on you

Did you forget about us, why did you?

Today you promised to lend us a helping hand

But you left us high and dry

But I'm not a fair weather friend

You say you're in great demand

And everybody flocks to you

And time ran out on you

Not gonna wait around for you

Won't hang all things on you

And I gotta keep on moving

You could have told us that you had other things

If they got in the way

I'm well aware of the others that you hold close to you

Maybe they thought it was cool  to keep you away

But I'm not a fair weather friend

You should have remembered who I am

I'm not a normal drop in a stream of water

And things are moving on


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