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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac Cover

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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac Cover

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Moved to Big Sur and Logic 10.6 Found this old Logic 9 prj to try new features

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I updated from Mojave to Big Sur, which gave me access to the New Logic Pro 10.6 download. I brought out the old HDD's and found an old Logic 9 project. Dreams by Fleet Wood Mac is an all-time favorite, we played it in the clubs in the mid-'80s (me bass). I was working with a vocalist at iComps who wanted to sing Dreams, so I said what the heck I know this song well (so I thought).  I'm not sure why, but it didn't work out, I continued working on it but soon moved on. As I brought it into 10.6 it was near complete and mostly needed cleaning up with newer audio samples, plugins, and some timing issues with my guitar and bass corrected with the new "Time Stretching Regions" feature (like Flex Pitch). It's non-destructive so the quality of the audio file is not lost.  Somewhere along the road, I added the melody by humming it into an audio track and using Flex Pitch to export it to a MIDI file. For this new project, I voiced it as a lead guitar and add the controller info today using my AKAI MK3 while the track played. The effects for the lead guitar are all Logic. I call the channel strip, Santana Warm. If you want the setting for this channel strip I can send you a picture with the effect settings to get that early Carlos Santana sound. It will work with any clean guitar software instrument, for this new project I used the demo version of MusicLabs RealStrat as the guitar sample to build on. If you have any questions about the mix I'm always happy to answer them. Again this is an old project of me playing nearly 12 years ago, my hands finally gave out in 2015.

Hand-Made Guitar From Kit (Strat) - Me

Fender P-Bass - Me

Yamaha DD-55 Drums - Me

Yamaha DGX 300 Piano - Me

Other Sequences - Donated (I wish I could remember who helped).


If you know any vocalists who would like to add their vocals please let me know...

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November 30, 2020 8:06 am
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Notes: Initial version

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