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Martin Down

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Martin Down

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Something uplifting for Feb

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On the Wiltshire/Hampshire border (UK) amongst a green desert of modern industrial agriculture lie 1,000 acres of Martin Down. An unspoilt oasis of ancient southern Down Land. To lie in the summer grass and listen to the sounds is inspirational. This is my tribute song to an magical place

I made a video to go with this one which is here.

Martin Down 

Drovers once came this way 

Shepherds watched, as their flocks grazed

The whistling wind and the skylarks song

I feel lifted up, on Martin Down

Beneath a Wiltshire Sky, my journeys done

A grasshopper sounds, bathed in the sun

I can sink in the meadow, my hearts unwound

I feel lifted up, on Martin Down

In this place, between present and past

I feel at peace, I feel home at last

Senses are alive, beauty all around

I feel lifted up, on Martin Down

Feeling serene, never felt this before

I’ll lie here forever, I’ve found my core

Escape from a world, in which I almost drowned

I feel lifted up, on Martin Down

© Mark Spruce 2021

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February 4, 2021 5:44 pm
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