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Some things are just precious, and to loss them is heartbreaking.

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I had written letters back and forth with Jeff Armstrong in the late 1970's. I was in my early 20's. Although I look back all the time to my younger years, a lot of the details have drifted away, evaporated, not unlike the contrails behind a jet airplane going overhead. In its place sometimes are details that have morphed into tales. After Jeff passed on in January, his wife Andrea sent me the letters he had kept that I had written to him some forty-five years ago. They were in the same condition as when I had written them. I wish I could say the same for letters I had received over the years. There is something quite beautiful about finding a part of myself that I had misplaced. And to think that someone else had been keeping it safe.....Thank you Jeff Armstrong...I wrote this song about getting those letters in the mail after forty-five years.

The Letter

I read some letters I wrote 

Oh…45 years ago

First I put em down 

When the mail came around

Hand written

On line-less paper

If I had a time machine

I would …

Figure it out 

All about that sacred dream 

That finds us in the stream 

Early morning green

All bound together

Early morning green

Early morning green

Yea I talked about me driving

Drawing what I cou I ld from 

What was there

Celebrating friendship

Sleeping with our baby

I’d say Baby, maybe baby, Im ok

I can stand alone 

On a winters night

Ya just stand guard

I have friends who will forgive my sins

And letters from where I’ve been

I have work

I have song

But The sun is behind me now

In my face

As I turn around

Better left alone

The unturned stone

I’m headed home

I’m headed home

I’m headed home

I’m headed home

Well it’s getting late

When I realize

Everything floats

And everything fly’s

T wo shots of whiskey

And think I better switch to wine

I can take a big swing

At what I thought I would see

It’s kind of beautiful now

And I could let it be

I read some letters I wrote 

Oh…45 years ago

Celebrating friendships

And sleeping with our baby

I’d say baby, baby, Im ok

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