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no one to see me today

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no one to see me today

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uptempo latin dream

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alone in the house on the hottest days last summer. came together quickly, but have since had trouble with the mix - quite different to my normal stuff.

loosely inspired by latin jazz as exemplified by groups like "les hommes", who produced spacious jazzy modal riffs under echoing girls vocals. "cinema advert music" from the '70's

anyway criticism and comments are always welcome, just want to get better.


i‘m living in a cotton prison

floating on a vapour pillow

laughing at all imprecision


there’s no-one to utter my name

or question my vapid malaise

or tell me what usefulness is


wherever i want to go, i just float there

when will we be

what we can be

i’m sailing on a sofa ocean

lazing with a naval notion 

breathing in a dreaming lotion


there’s nothing to anchor my thoughts

or find what i’ve endlessly sought

or tell me what emptiness is

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March 5, 2021 10:42 am
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Notes: Initial version

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