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Blue Shade of Light

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Blue Shade of Light

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Good Ole' country ballad, featuring Germany's Melani Clohie.

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Started working with Melani Cholie in late 2020 at the F-Jams site, a talented songwriter and vocalist out of Munich Germany. Our first collab was So Many Reasons, (Brent Mordue's version of the song is here at MacJams) her clever lyrics intrigued me. So I sent her this old country song I wrote to give it a new face, and here are the results, with the help of Brent Masson guitars, and Steve Hinson pedal steel. I'm on bass, piano, and drums pads again.



I rented a rainbow

I planted a rose

And I`m shareholding a river

For us two to sail along

I love you in the morning when our kiss says goodbye

When we wake up in our seashell in the blue shade of the light

You are the guardian of my heart 

You reach out my soul

Like a silver moon is sparkling

We dance this rigmarole

I love you thru the seasons. And when the birds do start to sing

I´m sending you good vibes, my is your ring

Our love will last forever

An just love will keep us strong

I´m shareholding a river

For us both to sail along

We kiss to share in the blue shade of light

For you, I rent a rainbow - for you, I plant a rose

And I`m shareholding a river - for us two to sail along

And when we´re kissing goodbye - we will always rely

In love, we are trusting and my pride is your ring

Cause in love we are trusting and my pride is your ring

This sound is the result of my quest to get that compression sound MixBus uses, on Logic Pro. This project is 98% Logic Pro 6, I use one plugin "PSP Stereo Enhancer", which could easily be replaced by Logic's Imaging>Stereo Spead> Stereo. But I have so many presets I've developed since my GarageBand years I continue to use it. Some of the compression settings were from ideas I got from Thanks, Chris! If you would like to get these multiband compression channel strip settings, just send me a message...

Media versions

March 11, 2021 9:28 pm
Version: 2

Notes: Yes, it was a bit muddy! Loads of little adjustments to clear up the mix. Thanks

March 11, 2021 10:30 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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