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Strawberry Queen - 1976

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Strawberry Queen - 1976

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An old cassette recording of my High School Band playing at a backyard party '76

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Before guitar, bass, and piano, I was a drummer. One day I got tired of being the first to arrive and the last to leave and traded in my drum sticks for guitar picks. This recording was found on an old cassette stored away with old pictures in a small box in the garage. I restored it the best I could, for now, there were many dropouts in the tape and fix them with software instruments only to fill the voids (95% original). Just putting it here for listening to the past we all share. Dan H. on lead guitar, Vince on vocals and guitar, ??? on Bass. The song is an original, but as you can hear a rip-off of Radar Love. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...

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