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The Storm

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The Storm

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Epic Journey to find the Holy Grail

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This is a song we wrote 15 years ago, it was supposed to be a 2 part epic journey of a quest to retrieve the holy grail. It was recorded back when we went from 4 track tape recorder to a physical DAW, Yamaha AW16, first of its kind for home recording for us. The song has an annoying drum machine that plays the same beat all the way through, in fact half the stuff we did back then did have this sort of drumming, how things have changed! 

This is an old song but i thought it was worth posting because in my opinion is a good song. I never did record part 2, maybe i will at some point. I was going to Re-record part 1 but i think some things are better left in the past. 

Anyway, Part 1 is about the journey by sea into the eye of the storm and surviving that and then how the crew felt coming out the other side of it, seeing the sunshine come through the clouds. The first part of the journey to retrieve the holy grail! Enjoy. 

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March 19, 2021 11:12 am
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