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No Time For Patience

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No Time For Patience

Owner: Warren Smith Genre: Collaboration rock Total Plays: 20
Quick Summary:

A line of text turns into a song.

Media Description:

During a recent group texting exchange a friend wrote "I've got no time for patience." Another responded "That would be a good title for a song." Next thing you know some lines appeared. A day later came the melody. With some more back and forth a completed song was quickly concluded. 



I’ve got time to take a nap

I’ve got time to take a crap

I’ve got time to take a leak

I’ve got time to sneak a peek

I’ve got time to sing and dance

Then squirt some seltzer down my pants

But I’ve got no time for patience.

Patience makes me nervous

Patience cramps my style

Patience gets my goat

But it doesn’t get my vote

Patience is a boring trend 

that never seems to end

No wonder I’ve got no time for patience

I’ve got time to bake a cake

I’ve got time to shake a shake

I’ve got time to pop a top 

I’ve got time to belly flop 

I’ve got time to sink that putt

Then celebrate with a monkey strut

But I’ve got no time for patience 

Patience is a private coma

Patience is a twelve mile traffic jam 

Patience is a letter you refuse to send

And a death mask maquette

Patience is a Möbius strip

That does not bend

No wonder I’ve got no time 

No wonder there’s no time

No wonder I’ve have no time for patience

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March 23, 2021 11:58 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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