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the things that get passed Father to Son

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Being 65 Yrs. old, I really didn’t think I’d be writing again, but all the sudden here its comes… A few years ago I picked up my father’s ukulele that was passed down to me after his departure… my boys often played it before the bridge fell off… I don’t even know how it was tuned, but I started messing around and came up with this… I went and recorded it… that recording does not appear on this version because it was little more than a toy…. But in the first version I started the song with it and faded it out as the guitar faded in… I scrapped that idea for the sake of time… this version is all me playing everything, but the final version will feature my youngest son playing the drums, (he asked to hear it without any of my drum ideas)… my middle son on acoustic guitar… and my oldest son will be playing bass…

It will be evident when you hear the song, why I wanted all 3 of my sons to play with me, but I wanted to get your impression of the song the way it sits…

Birthright is an ambush and the trigger has been set 

The weakness we inherit will soon be our son’s regret

We can turn to the light, at war with self, to ease their future pain

 While the sons of the sons of sons will turn and do it all again

These are the things that get passed down father to son

We raise the Kings destined to rule when we are gone

my father crossed the Jordan with so much still left unsaid 

In hope to break the family curse, I held vigil by his bed

No message of affection could escape our strong eclipse

Before I join my dad in dust you will hear it from my lips

These are the things that get passed down father to son

We raise the Kings destined to rule when we are gone

Heirlooms guns and coins will have no worth when we have past

The love we pass from hand to heart is one thing that will last... 

A brief time is all we have to pass this love from heart to hand

And someday look behind to see strong generations stand... 

peace will reign blessing the sons of the sons

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