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It's You And I

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It's You And I

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R&B/Jazz Pop With A Bit Of A Swing

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This song was partly inspired by the Al Jarreau tune "Tell Me What I Gotta Do," which used to get played a lot on the local smooth jazz station here.  It was written around the same time he passed.   The lyrics are pretty simple, just hope for a couple's future.   This is a remake with a faster pace and better drums.

Here we are after many years

Love takes us away baby

The story goes through many lives

But it's no dream what we have today

And while surprise can shock ahead

Daylight still comes tomorrow

It's You And I 

Still learning the way just You and I

Here I stand after many years

Thinking bout the situation

Since we learned to light the way

In all the ways we talk about love

It's you and I

Still learning the way just you and I

It's you and I
Still learning the way it's you and I

Each and every day it's you and I

and our hearts keep going on and on and on and on


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