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Choice Of The Crowd

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Choice Of The Crowd

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The musings of a musician or other performer with a weekly gig

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Musically, one of the inspirations for this was the Guess Who song "Sour Suite" which has always been a favorite.  I guess I was going for or trying a hand at Ia Burton Cummings style of writing.  I wrote this when I was doing open mics on a pretty regular basis.  This would have been around 2014 or '15.  As much as I thoroughly enjoy performing and always have, sometimes you might feel that you're in a rut playing the same places for the same people though you still enjoy it.   

Here I am in town again walking past the shopfronts

On the avenue looking for what they do when I pass by

Soon I'll be on the stage once again to show them all

What I can do and to see if they can be happy

And I don't have to hurry up

Shouldn't have to slow it down

And I follow what I feel 

But I'll be there

Same as the week before

And as the months go by

They'll expect it again and again

As I go down the streets here

I think of those that I know

What do they think of my presence and are they honest when they speak

About how I move them, and if they say nothing how do I read that

Would they stay if I played on and on and on


I do what I can to get their attention

Take 'em where I will

Sometimes I don't know who they are

Maybe I don't remember them

Maybe is it they've heard of me from word of mouth


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