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It's Been You All Along

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It's Been You All Along

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70's esque Folk-Rock Ditty

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Lyricwise, I had known a few who were known to be humanitarians with good hearts and all but once they did something for you might ask for your allegiance in whatever they wanted.  I know there might be some politicians, cult leaders, or others who fit that category.  Musically, I was going for a early Genesis or Seals And Crofts thing with the guitar harmonies.  Recorded back in 2015.

What would it be like to see life through your eyes

Full of inexhaustible desire

To germinate an idea, to grow and root and take you over

But what are your plans for the future

What will you do  when it's gone

Whatever else is done, it's clear

It's been you all along you love

Cause in the end it all comes back to you

There's no escaping all the things you do

Your words, your intentions, and your actions

In the end it comes back to you

It's nice of you to help those who need you

But what do you expect in return

Should they give their lives over to you

For you to hold

Why are you telling stories about us

What do you expect to gain from this

Whatever else is done, it's clear

It's been you all along you love


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