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New Beginning - Final Version 5. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

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New Beginning - Final Version 5. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

Owner: scaustrita Genre: Latin Smooth Jazz Total Plays: 116
Quick Summary:

Collab featuring Mark Goldberg on guitars, Steve Caustrita Bass, keyboards

Media Description:

Version 5:

For the outside listeners to find, for the playlist, and to express my gratitude!

Version 4:

Again advice has changed to a revision, the percussion fade out left not much to the imagination. The video (in progress already had a similar ending and brought that into the song. I re-voiced the strings to bring out the lower voices and turned off the compression limiter so you can now hear the swells and articulations better and lets you feel the breeze. Please let me know how this alternative ending sounds to you...


Version 3:

Just finished the arrangement, I added violins to the intro 'cause it was quite bland. It added to that California coast (or any other sunny drive along the ocean or lake in your region) feeling the song reflects, and Mark (Venturesome) captured. This is the version that will complete the streaming project and your input is needed again! I reached this level of recording and mixing because of your input, and many of the suggestions were used in my uploaded songs. Thanks once again for all your help...

Version 2:

Deleted, Stereo Expanders were accidentally left off.

Version 1:

It's been a while since I wrote something new and New Beginning took a year to bring to life. During January 2020 I was in a coma for 12 days, awoke, and didn't even know where I was, and to a world that had changed drastically. Eventually, I was sent home and found I lost a lot of my memory, I couldn't even use a cell phone. But in April 2020 I forced myself to start relearning how to use my music programs again, mostly by watching YouTube videos and musician friends and began writing this song. Bass and keyboards came back to me quickly but to this day I can't get my hands to figure out guitar. I had come up with a catchy guitar melody and did not want to make this another MIDI project so I got a hold of Venturesome to help me out. I sent him the score with the chords and melody notation and he sent me back a cool rhythm guitar, then the melody, and finally a solo to complete the song. The song captures the feel of the Southern California Coastline with a breezy light Latin Jazz flow, Mark lived near the Coast also and brought that sensation into the song. I hope you will enjoy the song, it truly is a New Beginning for me... Any suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

Video in progress:

Steve Caustrita - Bass, Keyboard, Percussion, & Sequences

Mark Goldberg - Guitars

New Beginning -Steve Caustrita


EbMaj7 - Bb/D - Cm7 - AbMaj7

EbMaj7 - Bb/D - Cm7 - D7sus Dsus

-Melody 2x

[G] [CMaj7] [Em7] [CMaj7] [D] [Em7] [D]

[G] [CMaj7] [Em7] [CMaj7] [D] [Em7] [D]

[G] [CMaj7] [Em7] [CMaj7] [D] [Em7] [D]

[Bm7] [Em7]

[Bm7] [Em7] [CMaj7]


[Gm7] [AbMaj7] [Cm7] [Bb]

[Gm7] [AbMaj7] [Fm7] [G7sus] [G7]

-Guitar Solo

[AbMaj7] [AbMaj7] [Gm7] [Gm11] [AMaj9]

[AbMaj7] [AbMaj7] [Ab/Bb] [Bbsus]

-Melody Key Change to Eb 2x to Fade

[Eb] [AbMaj7] [Cm7] [AbMaj7] [Bb] [Cm7] [Bb]

[Eb] [AbMaj7] [Cm7] [AbMaj7] [Bb] [Cm7][Bb]

[Eb] [AbMaj7] [Cm7] [AbMaj7] [Bb] [Cm7] [Bb]

[Eb] [AbMaj7] [Cm7] [AbMaj7] [Bb] [Cm7] [Bb]

Media versions

April 30, 2021 10:27 am
Version: 5

Notes: Final mix just for the record and outside listeners to find.

April 25, 2021 5:01 am
Version: 4

Notes: Version 4 alternative ending and re-voiced the strings.

April 22, 2021 6:01 pm
Version: 3

Notes: Added violins to the intro for a breezy feeling, and mastering techniques.

April 9, 2021 8:04 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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