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Good Enough For Me

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Good Enough For Me

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This song may be good enough for me, but is it good enough for MacJams?

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I'm reversing the numbers. The last song I posted was one I wrote when I was 17; this one at 71. I think the idea about writing a song about mellowing with age came as I was driving on the Interstate and realized I'm now completely comfortable driving at the actual posted speed limit - that I felt no need to rush faster like most of the other cars on the highway. Next thing you know the verses were piling up. Could the recording be better? My self-productions are never pristine; I just try to get them to a place that expresses itself .. and that is good enough for me. I appreciate the forbearance of more refined sensibilities. 


Things that used to bother

Often seem pointless now that I’m Seventy

Take a deep breath and let it go

That’s good enough for me

I like to get up early and have coffee

And work for and hour or three

The rest of the day just kind of skips away

And that good enough for me

Like Stephen Dedalus walking along Sandy Mount Strand

Fantasizing about what he can and cannot see

The world goes on within and without you

And that’s good enough for me 

I used to think I needed to own my own home 

To give me security and a sense of permanency 

Now I’m content to rent the roof over my head

That’s good enough for me 

Sure it would be nice to have top of the line equipment 

We all would love to have the latest cutting edge technology 

Although it’s dusty my old laptop has been trusty

It works - and that’s good enough for me 

I have loved and have been loved

At times with great intensity 

Although those halcyon days are gone the memories linger on 

And that’s good enough for me 

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