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The Great Electron

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The Great Electron

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An ambitious discourse on Eastern Philosophy and Natural Science

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I actually wrote this around 2012.  The lyrics were based on my readings at the time that included "Siddhartha," by Hermann Hesse and "The Ascent Of Man," by Jacob Bronowski, which was also a PBS series that talked about how humans had emerged as a distinct species by spreading into agriculture, building temples, cities, and so on.   I was coming out of my classical guitar period at the time also and a piece I had written called "Landscapes," was used for the intro and outro of this song.

Going from place to place

Looking for the answers

Through wetland, prairie, desert, trees, and icefields

After seeing houses and buildings get torn and swept away

And people I knew disappear and pass away

I was easy to get depressed

Remembering things that you used to know

To see the illusion destroyed but then I saw right through it all

I could still feel it there, the soul of what had been before

Houses, trees, and plants transcend

Know that the old is here and the past is now

All are empty and we started out unmade

I listen for om, the vibration everywhere

The rock and dirt below and mountain rivers

The underlying changing science of nature could be mine

As I bend the grain and I feel for the form

Energy and matter never go away

In the field of nature just see it for yourself

If you sit beside me here, I'll show you how to see it

Through my eyes, Know that the old is here and the past is now

Living and dead flow together in the same river

I look the same at a gothic arch and buttress

I probe and explore beneath the force in the stone

Now watch as I join the forces of electricity

I have a concept for magnetism and gravity

But it's ever changing, what I get isn't certain

There's no definite answer, acknowledgement and uncertainity

Keys for exploration, no test in reality

Will dehumanize, Know that the old is here and the past is now

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