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Texan Char Broil

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Texan Char Broil

Owner: Venturesome Genre: Blues Rock Total Plays: 7
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Venturesome Tries His Hand at Texas Blues Boogie

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This song was a bit of a departure for myself.  I was watching a Netflix show on ZZ Top, and they were talking about how they managed to come up with their trademark sound in the early days.  I remembered I was a big fan of theirs around the time I was 12 or 13, and figured I wanted to give a shot at writing something in that style.  On their album, "Rio Grande Mud," they had done a song called BBQ, so from BBQ, I went to Char Broil, hence the title.  

As the day was ending

With a fly on the wall 

And a table down the hall

No place for many miles

But the locale down on the highway round

And they still got distinguished guests

Late at night

So cmon, you know what you gotta do

Cmon you know that you gotta make that first class stuff

You now the plate that you've done before

Another char broil dish and send it out to the floor

In spring, summer, and early fall, 

Crowded outside and some will stand

The catfish and ribs go round and round

They all gotta take their hand

And they're bringing their friends

They haven't seen in years


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