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Total Organ Failure

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Total Organ Failure

Owner: Warren Smith Genre: Monster rock Total Plays: 23
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A musical quilt

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This takes a Dr. Frankenstein approach towards composition. My longtime collaborator, Roy Buckley, and I were working on a number of different songs which weren't getting anywhere slow or fast. One day, during a burst of energy and a flash of insight, I decided to stitch the components together into a new whole being .. thereby giving birth to this monster : )

Total Organ Failure

[Buckley/Smith 2021]

Gnawing on gristle

From the Holy Cow

that epicurean Saint Clown

is probably laughing at me now

Four sugars

And a root canal

Novocain needle

Is my new best pal

You may not be guilty

But you’re going to confess

You may not be cisgendered  

But you’re going to wear this dress

You can dust my bunny

You can split my hare

You can roger my rabbit

You can touch my hutch

I dropped my bag

Just before it blew up

I paid my shag

just before she threw up

You can swash my buckle

you can sump my pump

You can dust my knuckle

You can hump my lump

Ferlinghettis of the mind

Arise unfettered from untrod tropes

Squirreled away by stochastic monastics 

assisted by an unconsecrated pope

Yesterday I stacked some rocks

Today I rearranged them

Tomorrow I shall bloviate 

As if I understand them.

Busted balls

Don’t roll straight 

Busted balls

Don’t bounce true

Busted balls

don’t do any good

Busted balls

might as well be wood

Busted balls

Cream no pies

Busted balls

attract blowflies

Busted balls

you took one for the team 

Busted balls

your nut-sack’s now a meme

Toilet paper shortage

Means you can’t wipe your ass

Oil pipeline ransomware 

means you can’t get any gas

Trade war with the Vatican

Puts heaven out of reach

Your Rocky Mountain mansion

will soon be a shack on the beach

She’s a true believer

a friend of Frankie One-lung

A ghost of Yoshitoshi

tattooed on her tongue

Cops killed your nephew

Covid killed your spouse

Goldman took your business

While Sachs took your house

I blame the GOP

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June 10, 2021 4:20 pm
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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