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easy peasy

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easy peasy

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about indifference

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Had a hard time singing and mixing this would appreciate advice.

i’m not thinking

or i’m not doing enough

a comfy couch is

my horizon

there’s no spark in my mood

there’s less taste in my food

i don’t like what i don’t choose

comfortably safely

no need to try to be tough and strong

when i can get by just by drifting along

riding the wave that i’ve always known before

makes my life feel long

when i’m out walking

shunning the crowd

a life unseen is

where i am now

there’s no rights and no wrongs

that i like to linger on

when i’m feeling put upon

in comfort and safety

i’m not inspired try to make plans

when i can’t see the road for all those kicked cans

riding the wave of all i’ve known before

won’t you sleep along

some people say my life is bland

but somnolent ease is all I demand

playing the clown that i’ve always been before

all too soon I'm gone

Media versions

July 10, 2021 9:03 am
Version: 2

Notes: re-sung badly phrased passages, stopped panning drums, altered eq to boost vocal

July 8, 2021 9:50 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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