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The light of love (acoustic)

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The light of love (acoustic)

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An acoustic version of an old song

Media Description:

I haven't been around here for some time, was busy doing other things, mostly 3D work (on my instagram page: ceesswart54)

Last week I did an acoustic set with my friend Erwin B.

He played an acoustic guitar

I played an acoustic and did the vocals and mix



Some things can never be kept secret

Sometimes everyone just knows

Some things you can't hide for the other

They see it in your eyes, man,  it shows

It's so good to see you're doing fine

So much trouble down the line

You've been down so goddamned long

But the power of love has made you strong

Refr:  It ain't hard to see that you're in love

         It is plain to see that you're in love

It's the look in your eye

Some things you can never hide

You shouldn't even try

To hide what is so deep inside


Brdg: Let it flow, let it show, shine the light of love

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September 8, 2021 12:15 pm
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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