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Scary Monsters

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Scary Monsters

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Rising from the mists, a Halloween classic from MJ of yore...

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As of late, most of my musical energy has been focused on a new trio I've been playing with for the past several months, but I've been getting the recording bug and have some new stuff in the works. But to kind of get my brain into Logic gear, I decided to dust off an old tune and re-kajigger it, trying out some different mixing and mastering. Something I knew next to nothing about when I first recorded this and put it out on MJ of old back in 2005. I still don't know a lot about mixing and mastering, but I know more now than I did then. Hopefully it shows.

I actually put more time and effort into this new mix than I did in the entire recording process of the original. This uses a few elements from the 2005 version, but most of it is from a 2010 version where I did the same thing. The original had many more loops than this one does. I only kept one stings loop which was just too wildly appropriate for the mood of the song. Even the drum loops were replaced by drummer tracks, which work much better than the original.

Any suggestions about either the mix of the mastering would be appreciated.

This is also appropriate because it's October now and it's time to get in the Halloween spirit. I have a couple of other Halloweenish old MJ tunes I may dig out and rework if I get the chance between now and the end of the month.

Hope you enjoy.

Scary Monsters

Don't go out tonight.Just stay here in bed

Keep the scary monsters out of your head

I'll keep you safe and warm right here by my side

We'll crawl under the covers. Stay there and hide.

Looking out the window. Watching the rain.

All those scary monsters play tricks with your brain.

Creeping through the darkness. Feel the chill on your skin.

All those scary monsters come from within. 

Shadows on the stairways. Shadows in the halls.

All those scary monsters cast no shadows at all.

Open up your closets. Look under your bed.

Keep those scary monsters out of your head. 

Hiding with a flashlight under the sheets.

Feel the scary monsters as they tickle your feet.

Turn all of the lights on after you scream.

All those scary monsters still wait in your dreams. 

Don't go out tonight. Just stay here in bed.

Keep those scary monsters out of your head.

I'll keep you safe and warm right here by my side.

We'll crawl under the covers. Stay there and hide.

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October 3, 2021 5:41 pm
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