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Too Late To Pray with Dave Hunter

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Too Late To Pray with Dave Hunter

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A country singer's last ride..

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A country singer's last ride. 

Many thanks to Dave Hunter for lead guitar

Too Late to Pray © Marris 2020

Fishtailing cross white lines

God’s in the headlights in the dark pines

Snow closing on each side 

Lord guide me through this one last ride

Something got loose a while ago

Couldn’t drink it back in place

Where there was a home and family

Now there’s just an empty space

Another pretty little girl is waiting

But it’s been lonesome all the way

She can’t stop my pain from recreating

And I know it’s far too late to pray 

And I know it’s far too late to pray

Kid in the front seat’s breath is steaming

He’s got a bright light Halo I can see it gleaming 

Arm full of morphine soothe me away

Don’t wanna go but too tired to stay

And as the gleaming starts to fade 

Tells me it’s time to fly

Remember me in the chords I played

Let me sing you a last goodbye

Richard Marris : lyrics, melody, vocals

Dick :  music, production

Dave Hunter : lead guitar 

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April 27, 2020 7:33 pm
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Notes: Initial version

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