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History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true-Tolstoy.

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A couple years ago I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was placed on a chemo therapy drug that cost me $13,000 per month. After one year of said treatment, I came down with flu like symptoms and felt very weak and out of breath. This all happened in the middle of the plandemic, so I decided I needed to see a doctor. I was surprised to see the hospital nearly empty, because the news was telling everyone that the hospitals were overwhelmed with covid victims. In fact, it seemed like I was the only one there, as I didn't see anyone, and I was immediately seen by a doctor. 

I had a few tests done and was given an xray to see what was going on with the breathing issues. My lungs were fine and it seemed I was just suffering from a mild cold, according to the doctor. So with some antibiotics in hand, I left the hospital and journeyed homeward with my sister. Before arriving home I received a call from the doctor. He told me he looked at the xrays closer and noticed my heart had swollen, and that I needed to see a cardiologist immediately. When I heard the news I knew Immediately what was causing the heart problems. It was the chemo drugs. 

To make this long story short, I immediately stopped the chemo therapy, and decided to let happen whatever was going to happen to me with the Leukemia. Its been 1-2 years since I stopped taking the drug Sprycel, and as you can tell I'm still here when I should be dead.

I recently visited a doctor to ask him why I wasn't dead. We did some blood test and to both our surprise, I never had Leukemia. Leukemia is a genetic disorder that cannot be cured. I was lied to by greedy thieves who nearly killed me for profit. I know this is true, because I was tested numerous times to be sure I had Leukemia (bone marrow and blood tests). Apparently the test result were falsified somehow. And to send my point home here, I have now undergone 3 recent test to make sure I do not have Leukemia. All came up negative.

The world has been turned upside down and I find myself no longer able to trust anyone. The truth is a most sacred and valuable thing. Your life depends upon it. Be carful out there. There are liars everywhere.

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