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sometimes you can only lay down...

Media Description:

Goin’ thru the motions day by day

Someone tell me how I feel cause I can’t say

There remains an ache that dull but deep

Now I lay me down to sleep

And if I should die before I wake

I can not see what difference that would make

Ours was not a promise she would keep

Now I lay me down to sleep

Then I’ll dream we still have time to play

She’s right beside me and she says she’ll stay

We still share one soul there is no pain

But morning comes the dream is lost like tears in rain

Then I’ll recall how life will never be

The essence of her soul still fresh on me

Though she had me there she sold me cheap

Now I lay me down 

Now I lay me down 

Now I lay me down to sleep

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May 5, 2022 12:35 am
Version: 1

Notes: Initial version

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