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Long Way From Home

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Long Way From Home

Owner: Warren Smith Genre: Generic Rock Total Plays: 13
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Home is where my guitar is.

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My face needs a shave

My hair needs a comb

My brain needs a rest 

I’m a long way from home

Wallet depleted

Like a dog without a bone

Gas tank near empty

Still a long way from home

Home is a place that always comes back to want me

Home is a place that always come back to haunt me

I’ve been hanging incognito in places unknown

Ignoring the 150 emails that have accumulated on my phone

Running silent running deep

Long way from home

Yesterday life was easy and I felt so free

I was doing fine living on my own

Now it seem like everyone wants a piece of me

And still I’m a long way from home

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June 6, 2022 12:39 pm
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Notes: Initial version

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