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Lost and Found

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Lost and Found

Owner: Warren Smith Genre: Acoustic Rock Total Plays: 14
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What good is a song if you can't post it on MacJams?

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Lost and Found


I was a wanderer

Until I found I was out of lust

I was a believer 

Until I found I was out of trust

I was a Minnesotan 

Until I lost my love of snow

I was a traveler

Until I lost my urge to go

What good is a sandwich 

Without its bread

What good is a thinker

Without its head

What good is a New Yorker 

Without an attitude

What good is a politician 

Without a platitude

I don’t care if you’re

straight or gay or Lilliputian

I don’t care if you’re

More amphibian than mammalian

I don’t even care if your

Offspring are Salopian

Nobody cares about the Rule of Law

if justices are dystopian

What good is coffee 

If it doesn’t have caffeine  

What good is a nap 

If all it is is cat

What good is a pretzel

If you haven’t got a beer

What good is being an American

If you can’t live without fear

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